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About Pushpa

pushpa-rainbow.jpgPushpa (Kathleen) Rainbow was born in England, just south of London and grew up in South Wales. She has traveled extensively and in addition to living in England and Wales has also lived in Germany, Switzerland, Bermuda as well as 15 US states.

She spent many years in the corporate world, both in England and the United States, in sales management, recruiting and management training. She left the corporate world to pursue an inner calling.

Pushpa has been a meditator since 1985, and has been practicing healing work and massage since 1987. She has studied many forms of bodywork and healing techniques over the years. She uses her intuitive skills, and prayer healing in her massage, her Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping sessions, and her intuitive and spiritual counseling. She uses her own essential oil blends, and also uses energetic essences in some healing sessions. She also teaches brain integration exercises for mental, emotional and physical balance.

She is a certified massage therapist - specializing in removing tension from the back, neck and shoulders using a form of acupressure. She is also a certified Careers for Heart and Spirit coach, Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT Adv. practitioner, a certified Psi Counselor, a certified Ananda Meditation teacher, and a certified Ananda Yoga teacher. 

Pushpa works out of the Center for Radiant Health, which is a 5-minute walk from The Expanding Light Yoga and Meditation Retreat, Nevada City, CA.

Pushpa is available for phone consultations for mental, emotional and physical healing using EFT or Tapping, and intuitive/spiritual counseling. Email or call 530.478.7703 for an appointment.

Pushpa is an inspired photographer who experiences the divine in nature. Flowers especially speak to her. "Pushpa" is the Sanskrit word for "flower".

Pushpa is a Nayaswami and Ananda minister residing at Ananda Village, a spiritual community based on cooperation, simple living and high ideals, based on the teachings of Paramhansa (Paramahansa) Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda. Ananda is situated on 840 acres of beautiful meadows and forests amidst the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains just outside Nevada City in northern California.